The Pebble That I Was

The Compost News Blues


She came to me as always
like the fragrance of a flower,
and tucked between the pages
of my ignorance and my arrogance,
she chanced to read me and believe me
like the pages of a book.

And no words within my head,
nor ever mumbled from my bed,
shall sanctify the feelings that I knew.
And the pebble that I was
soon became a castled rock.

© 1973, 2002

You & Fyodor & Change

You and Fyodor and change
came down to my place in the summer’s sun
and brought with you the nighttime
in all its splendid colors.

And it pulsed me through the evening
like some mammoth trucker’s tailgate,
hauling onions from San Josie
to the East Coast through the night.

© 1982, 2002

From the series, “How to Wear a Pumpkin,”
coming in the next iteration. Halloween in
corporateville, the Bechtel Corporation,
50 Beale Street, 19th floor, San Francisco,
California, circa 1985.

Rockets and vessels and algae stew,
these were the things that I once drew.
Didn’t make Life, nor the cover of Time,
but the Compost News had a cover of mine.

Ten thousand copies went through the mail,
a shower of glory or was it hail?
No golden record upon my wall,
but the Compost News hangs there for all.

No, I didn’t make Life, nor the cover of Time,
but the Compost News thinks...I’m divine.

© 1973, 2002


Second book of poetry, 41 poems,
42 pages, published in 1982.
Poems include:
Notes on Design/The Magic of the Moon
Saturday Sun
In the Park/Through The Leaves
Book 4
New Found Grace
Child of Mine
Young Turkey Son
Kite Fly
To My Daughter & Friend
My Son Chris
Twentieth Century Mary/Love Letters to My Lady
Buzzards of Love
While Drinkin’ Beer from a Bottle
Like a Rock in Love
...and more


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