1. In The Beginning
2. Notes on Design
3. Ladies of Age
4. First Annual Report of Sorts
5. Berkeley October

6. Sputnik & Titanium Flash
7. The Pebble That I Was
8. You & Fyodor & Change
9. The Compost News Blues
10. How to Wear a Pumpkin
11. Colophon & Biosketch

Boring meetings spawn doodles.
From downtown San Francisco.
Circa 1993-1994.

Future additions:
Two Right Shoes
Buy The Farm
How to Wear a Pumpkin
Laid Off American Man
Methane Jane
Life’s Just a John Prine Song
You Are The Song
Colitis Blue
Dog Food Commercial
His Words
To Write
Dear Writer
Something To Write About

Only at High Tide
Ducks & Ammo
The Poems of Benicia
That Old Mailbox
Laundromat Blues

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The Box Top Shop
Duck Waders &
Friendly Suspenders
Bottom Back
At the Zoo
The Layoff Hawk
Wolves at My Door
Way Down Anyway
Can’t Find The Pharoah
Bottom Back
Half Jesus ’n Half Jester
I Still Stoop for Pennies
You Were The Muse
Daddy Was a Hard Drive
Taproot & Aniseweed
(Benicia’s only eclectic, monthly newsletter, see bottom of Colophon page for more.)

“Propane Chicken”
A stained glass sculpture by my co-worker and friend Susan Crisfield, from my sketch of the same title and theme. Sketched while I was working as a graphics designer for Brown and Caldwell, Consulting Engineers, Walnut Creek, California, circa 1980.

“You can watch it boil,
and you can watch it thicken, but sometimes you’ve gotta be a Propane Chicken....”
–Song in progress
©PB 2002